Project Management Services


GCG’s Certified Project Managers analyse the processes in detail to determine tasks, controls, roles and responsibilities to successfully comply with the regulations.  Financial regulations always have impact on multiple business units and platforms.  We are flexible to work on short, medium or long term assignments.

Risk and Compliance

Risk management planning in line with objectives of project management help organizations proactively identify sources to mitigate the risks. GCG project managers work closely with business analysts to understand the relationship among risk, scope, time, and cost. GCG method help evaluate alternative risk strategies & modify project plans accordingly.

Technology (IT)

Waterfall and Agile project management methodologies have been used together by GCG Project Managers to accommodate the culture of teams through SDLC in order to successfully design, integrate, develop, manage, and deploy the projects. We align business and IT processes to empower cross functional teams for superior solutions.

Financial Services

The challenges in Financial Services are increasing due to massive amount of data created in the industry on a daily basis.  Besides, Banking industry has to grow alongside customer service innovations in digital and traditional banking strategies.  We have the knowledge and experience to help your organization manage data and deliver innovation projects.