Gate Consulting Group (GCG) is a management consulting and training firm with focus on PMO support, project management, and business process improvement services.  From inception, the GCG vision has been to offer comprehensive, world-class project management services and training.

We are committed to deliver customized project management solutions to achieve growth and competitive advantage through high performing, engaged and collaborative professionals who live up to the ethics and standards provided by the Project Management Institute – PMI®.

Our guiding principle is to maximize our clients’ investments on projects and project management training by managing benefits upon business strategy, goals, and infrastructure.

Our goal is to provide the client organizations with best suited project management training along with project managers who deliver information-rich and collaborative knowledge to influence and lead project teams to deliver quality products on time and within budget.

Established in 1996 in the State of New Jersey, original name of the company was Cyberlink Interactive Inc. Through the years, the company have been transformed into a business management service corporation to reopen its doors in 2014 as Gate Consulting Group LLC.

GCG Mission Statement

GCG is a project management services and training organization.   Our mission is to relentlessly focus on quality of training and services by leveraging our experience and expertise that are driven by ethics in a challenging and highly competitive field of consultancy and training services.   We do encourage, empower, and advance our consultants and trainers to sustain a culture of continuous improvement in order to deliver culturally and technically best-fit talents for the industry.

GCG Vision Statement

Business and technology collaborate smoothly through passionate professionals with knowledge and experience.    Our consultants and trainers are the most valuable assets of the Gate Consulting Group.  We don’t export jobs overseas and will never do!  We achieve service excellence by building high-performance teams and long-term relationships.  We aspire to set an example of a trusted partnership in Project Management Consulting and Training by building center of excellence in services and communication with our clients.  

GCG Principals and Values



Team of Gate Consulting Group is committed to deliver measurable value to our clients and create a positive impact. We promise perceptible services.



Respecting and having a deep appreciation for differences of our consultants as well as our clients enables us to operate an organization that is fully inclusive.



We foster an environment that awards innovation and creative minds. We train, advise and coach our clients to always continue to keep learning and growing.



Honesty and doing the right thing is above all else at GCG. We only make promises that we keep. We respect confidentiality and operate under strict confidence in this matter.